Microchips and tags are crucial

We were reminded again recently of the importance of microchipping your dog. Sadly no kennels will find it easy to trace owners unless your dog has a collar with a tag on and a microchip, both of which are required by law. When a stray dog comes into any kennels like ours, staff will look for a chip or for a tag so that dogs can quickly be reunited with their pets.


Council’s are only required to care for a dog for 7 clear days (known as the statutory period) after which, in most cases they release the dog to be re-homed via the stray kennels or perhaps a rescue. That means that with no means of finding an owner a dog can be legally moved on from a kennels after only 8 days. If the dog is adopted to a new family, its a legal process which means ownership has transferred to someone else and means it can be difficult, if not impossible to get your dog back after that time.


Nobody wants that situation to happen so please make sure that your dog is chipped, that the contact details on the chip are up to date and that your dog has a collar with a tag on whenever they are out of the house. A large number of dogs get brought to us when they have just been let out in the garden and someone has left the gate open and the dog has taken the opportunity to escape and so we would recommend ensuring your dog has a collar on even if you’re just letting them out for a tinkle!


Of course, none of these things are completely foolproof but they definitely help kennels like ours get dogs back to their owners. 5 years ago when we took over the kennels, only 22% of dogs were reunited, now its over 50% on average and we’re chuffed to pieces with that!