Kongs Galore!

Here at MPK we try to provide our dogs with the best care possible and make their kennel experience as stress-free as we can!

Kennelling can be a scary experience for any dog, so its important that certain things are put in place to make it a whole lot better and enjoyable for them.


Kongs are used for a variety of purposes and are a great way to stimulate and enrich a dog. These are a great source of enrichment for any kennel environment and work wonders for our dogs here at MPK!

We simply stuff each Kong with something tasty and it can occupy some of our dogs for hours! Here we use strong smelling spreads like marmite and peanut butter and stuff delicious treats in them too. As well as enjoyment, the dogs are also working for their food!


Our furry friends always enjoy some Kong enrichment here at MPK!

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