Mount Pleasant Kennels provides your furry family member a treat of an experience when they come to be groomed.

Our grooming includes a bath in our state-of-the-art hydro-bath, which gives a gentle massage while cleaning and is especially effective for dogs with joint problems, arthritis or dogs recovering from surgery. For dogs with any skin conditions, we are able to use special shampoo to aid the condition.

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Our in-house qualified groomer, Charlotte, will take great care of your dog, from start to finish helping them feel as comfortable as possible. Grooming takes place in a dedicated separate, special room in a quiet part of the kennel. Dogs listen to music designed especially to be calming throughout the groom, leaving them fully refreshed and relaxed after.

We have two loyalty grooming programs available:

Grooming For Life

For dogs adopted through Mount Pleasant Kennels, we offer 10% off grooming for the life of the dog.


MPK Grooming Club

For all other dogs, if you sign up for the MPK Grooming Club, you receive 25% off of every 3rd groom.

For dogs who don’t need a full groom, we offer a relaxing massaging hydro-bath, brush and blow dry for £15, less any applicable discounts.

Call us today to book an appointment and find out more on 01302 722748!

What they say about us

We've always have had the most difficult time locating a proper dog groomer since moving to Doncaster. A friend recommended Mount Pleasant Kennels as they have a refreshed grooming center. Our dog Landon LOVES going through their grooming process and comes back home without any fright or worry. He also smells and looks so fresh and so clean!

Jack B