Q - What are your opening hours?
A - We are open to the public for viewing dogs Monday to Sunday 12-4:30pm. We advise people to get to us before 4pm though to allow enough time to view dogs properly.

Q - My dog was brought into you as a stray. How do I get it back and what will it cost?
A - You may reclaim your dog during the following hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: 8:30am to 4:30pm

- Kennel fees for reclaiming your dog depend on how long the dog has been with us. Our fees are: £12 for the first full or part day and £10 per full or part day thereafter. Both Doncaster and Wakefield Council have a £50.00 prescribed fee in addition to kennelling.

- All fees must be paid in full prior to the dog being released. If you are on benefits, some councils do offer concessions but please check with your local council in advance. As a kennel we cannot offer any concessions or payment plans.

- Please note, we will need to check your ID and you must provide proof of ownership before we release a dog.

Q - Can I volunteer for you?
A - Thank you for considering volunteering with us. Unfortunately, we are not taking on any volunteers at this time. But please check with us for updates.

Q - How many dogs are reunited with their owners?
A - Around 39% are reunited with owners. We strongly recommend every dog owner makes sure their dog is microchipped and the chip details are kept up to date.

Q - I've heard stray kennels put dogs to sleep on the 8th day. Is this true?
A - Not at Mount Pleasant Kennels. We give all dogs every possible chance at finding a new family. Placing dogs into new home environments is a big responsibility and one we rightly take very seriously. Every dog has a minimum of two robust assessments in order to be approved for rehoming. When a dog passes its assessments, they will either be rehomed through us or go to one of the many fantastic rescues we work with.

Q - I've lost my dog, what should I do?
A - It's awful when a dog goes missing, but there are a number of things you can do. First, ring your local council and file a missing dog report. Also, ring the kennels for that council area and give them the details (if you can email details & a photo, especially of an unchipped dog that is really helpful to any kennels). You can also log your dog with Doglost at www.doglost.co.uk and post your search on social media, including Facebook.

Q - I sent you a message on Facebook, when should I expect a response?
A - Facebook is only monitored during business hours and we will always try and respond with 2 working days. We also aim to reply to emails sent to us within 2 working days.
If your query is urgent, please call us on 01302 722748. We aim to return phone messages via phone within the same business day or next business day if it's a weekend/Bank Holiday.

Q - I want to adopt a dog, how do I go about it?
A - There are a number of ways to let us know you are interested in adopting a dog.. You can call in to see us, visit our “View Our Dogs” or "Dog Of The Week" section of our website and also check on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. you can now also follow us on Snapchat, our username is MPKennel - You can also complete a dog finder questionnaire through our website.

Q - I've seen a dog I like the look of but I live far away. How can you help make the adoption process easier for me?
A - Many have traveled far and wide to adopt dogs from us. To assist you with the introduction of your potential pooch, we can email you videos, assessments, and photos to help with your decision, and before coming to meet the dog at our kennel.

Q - Is there anything you do that we don't know about?
A - Yes! For the past 4 years we have worked with a number local schools for children with learning difficulties or disabilities, offering them supported work experience at our kennels and farm. Our young visitors have worked with our dogs and our farm animals and we have recently added horticulture into the mix!. As a team, we get so much enjoyment out of working with the visitors that come to us. Enabling our visitors to have a great time here is simply amazing, we love it! We currently have 5 live placements in operation!

Also, we are members of the National Autistic Society and we are committed to raising awareness about autism to help society understand more about it and better support people who have autism. We offer social and educational experiences to young people and adults with autism, working with our dogs, farm animals and the land in a safe and nurturing environment where autistic people can gain new skills, meet new people, be supported and most importantly, be understood!