Tilly is an affectionate little Husky, who likes to sit with you to have a brush and a fuss. She's a cracking little lady, very sweet and very affectionate.
She will need an experienced owner, as the Husky breed is not for the faint-hearted! They are more independent than most other breeds and tend to have selective hearing, too!
Our Tilly is polite around other dogs, being well behaved during her dog-mixes, and walking nicely with her new friends.

If you think you have the home for her, then please don't hesitate to pop in to say hello!

  • Breed:Husky
  • Gender:Female
  • Size:Medium
  • Age:8 Years Old
  • Colour:Grey and White.
  • Good with other dogs:Yes. Tilly is good around other dogs, seeming to like their company. She is always polite when meeting her new doggy friends, and like a little play now and again, too.

A little bit more about Tilly

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Here are some fun facts about the breed Husky

Huskies are one of the oldest dog breeds.
Huskies could be around 27,000 years old, according to scientific evidence. DNA from the bone of the ancient Arctic Wolf, a close relative of the Husky, provides a clue suggesting that Huskies are one of the oldest dog breeds.

They have a loud howl.
Much like their relative the wolf, Huskies are known to howl rather than bark. Their howl can be heard from up to 10 miles away!

Huskies are VERY intelligent.
Huskies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. This means they will need a lot of stimulation to keep their mind and body active. If these needs are not met, your new family member is more likely to be naughty and destructive. Before you blame the dog, think "Are they just bored?" (More often than not, they just need something to do).

Be prepared for backtalk!
Huskies, along with other breeds like German Shepherds and Staffies, will talk to you, and often back AT you. They aren't afraid of an argument when they don't get their way!

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Tilly is an affectionate little Husky, who likes to sit with you to ha

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As you will probably know, we can't publish dogs for adoption on any m

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What they say about us

I just wanted to say thank you to the team at Mount Pleasant Kennels for looking after Dilly and Skye so well whilst we were on holiday over Christmas.

It is always a worry for anyone whenever our fur babies go into kennels whilst on holidays or even when they get walked by someone else daily, but you kept me updated with photographs and messages that they were both doing fine so my worry was eased , I know that they were cared for and looked after very well by Adam, yourself and the rest of the team.

Oh and almost forgot to mention the bath that they had just before I collected them - it is now over 1 week ago since collected and they still smell lovely...

Thank you all and we shall see you again soon.......

Claire & Nick - Wetherby