Important Information Enclosed

As you will probably know, we can't publish dogs for adoption on any media until they have served the statutory seven clear day period.

Sometimes it might seem that there aren't many dogs on our website and that's because lots of dogs have new owners waiting for them once they have been here for more than 7 clear days, We know that this can only be a good thing, but we also know you have come to our website because you might be thinking of adopting. To help you we have some brief guidance below.

There are a number of ways you can find out what dogs we have that will be looking for a new home shortly. They are:

1. Call the kennels team on 01302 722748 and they will take a note of your requirements and tell you about the dogs we have
2. Email us at
3. Fill out the Dog Finder Questionnaire on this website
4. Call down to kennels and we will chat to you about who will be looking for a new home shortly.

Sadly, dogs get brought to us all the time and all too often are not reconnected with an owner so please do feel free to get in touch....

We hope this helps!

  • Breed:Any Breed
  • Gender:Any Gender
  • Size:Any Size
  • Age:Any Age
  • Colour:Any Colour
  • Good with other dogs:All our dogs are assessed with other dogs of all shapes, sizes, breed and both genders.

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The below questionnaire enables us to help you find your new forever friend. Please fill the form in and hit send and a member of our kennels team will be in touch shortly. Please make sure you give us your contact details though, they're a bit important!

Have you seen a dog you are interested in on our website? if so please give details in the box below:

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Please give us some information about your other dog, behaviour, likes/dislikes etc:

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Or simply email us at:

Here are some fun facts about the breed Any Breed

Sweep is a cross breed terrier we are unsure of his exact breeding but terriers in general have a high prey drive and require plenty of both exercise and mental stimulation.

Learn more about our adoption process:

To have your new furry friend become a part of your loving family, join us in following these simple steps:

1) Visit our kennel, available dogs page or call us to enquire about our dogs available for adoption
2) No appointment​ ​necessary to visit our kennel between 12 - 4:30pm.
3) Complete necessary adoption and reservation forms
4) Decide if you want your new dog bathed and/or to purchase a rehoming pack
5) We will get the dog checked & vaccinated by our veterinarian prior to release.

Dogs available in Mount Pleasant Kennels


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Important Information Enclosed

As you will probably know, we can't publish dogs for adoption on any m

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What they say about us

Mount Pleasant Kennels has been wonderful in helping us find our family member. From matching us with the right dog to adopt to making sure she was groomed before taking her home, they have helped our home fill with more joy and love with our new pup.

Martin L - Doncaster