BLOAT The Killer

When it comes to dog diseases, Bloat is a true emergency!


Bloat is a condition where the stomach twists and then fills with gas.  If left untreated it can lead to breathing problems,  stomach rupture and in some cases the spleen twisting with the stomach!

A dog would have to be rushed to the vets immediately if experiencing a combination of the following:-


Retching from the throat but nothing is produced, apart from a small amount of frothy mucus.

Trying to defecate but is unsuccessful.

Adopting the ‘Sphinx’ position.

Hard tummy and/or swells up like a balloon.

Trying to bite or worry the abdomen.

Appears very unsettled.

If you suspect your dog has bloat your must contact your vet immediately. There is nothing you can do to help at home! The chance of a dog’s survival decreases alarmingly if they are not rushed to surgery in more than 60-90 minutes after the first signs!

Where bloat in humans is fairly harmless, for dogs it can be deadly. Although the causes are not often known the signs and symptoms are. Just by knowing what to look out for and knowing the signs really could save your dog’s life!!