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About Us

Mount Pleasant Kennels has been providing care for dogs until they join their family for over 20 years. Working with local and regional councils, Mount Pleasant Kennels also find a home for dogs, who are unable to reconnect with their owners.

Our team are made up of very experienced dog handlers with a passion for delivering great standards of welfare to our canine guests. We have over 100 years experience between us of caring for dogs!

We pride ourselves on putting the dogs first, on creating an environment where a dog can stay for as long as they need, happy and safe.

History of Mount Pleasant Kennels

Mount Pleasant Kennels has been at their present location and growing for over 20 years. Our facility has been used to breed show dogs and has transitioned into becoming a home for dogs in need. Under the direction of new management since 2013, the focus of Mount Pleasant Kennels has been on three operational goals.

First, we operate a safe kennel and provide new homes for stray dogs. Secondly, we have a fully-equipped professional grooming salon. Thirdly, we run a Dog Training Academy here at Mount Pleasant on a separate piece of land adjacent to the kennels where dogs can learn basic commands right through to complex agility training!

When faced with daily canine care, we subscribe to the Five Freedoms as published by The Dogs Trust. This provides the base of our commitment to the welfare of each dog. Every dog has the right to these freedoms throughout their lives, whether in kennels or at home. We work hard to deliver them throughout their stay with us:

  • Freedom from hunger
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour

Mount Pleasant Kennels has subscribed to a benchmark known as “4P” which our staff adheres to within our kennels. Our “4P” benchmarks are:
  • Professionalism - We conduct ourselves professionally at all times
  • Pride - Our pride is in all we do for the welfare of the dogs in our care
  • Passion – Every staff member shares a passion for dogs and making a difference within their livelihood
  • Personality - We operate as a tight-knit team. We have fun in our work and aim for our personalities shine through in all that we do

We know we aren’t able to win every challenge, but we strive to overcome every obstacle we face. Often times we take in dogs who have endured horrific lives of neglect, abandonment and abuse. Every dog matters, no matter the circumstance and the length of time they are with us, they deserve nothing but the best in dog care.

about us mount pleasant kennels

What they say about us

Mount Pleasant Kennels has been wonderful in helping us find our family member. From matching us with the right dog to adopt to making sure she was groomed before taking her home, they have helped our home fill with more joy and love with our new pup.

Martin L - Doncaster

Meet the team

about us meet Kennel Owner: Gillian
Kennel Owner: Gillian

Gillian has always had a drive to speak for those who aren’t able to speak for themselves. Since joining Mount Pleasant Kennels in 2013, Gillian has created a safe and nurturing environment for dogs waiting to be adopted into their new family or to be reunited with their owners and is passionate about ensuring that the levels of care and welfare are the very best that they can be.

Gillian says " I believe being a dog owner is one of the best things in life as the unconditional love and loyalty is like no other relationship. My dogs are very much a part of my family. We take pride in all that we do here at Mount Pleasant Kennels. It takes hard work and dedication to provide a good standard of care and we strive for nothing less than the best we can give for the dogs in our care. It's what they deserve. It's a real privilege to be able to make a difference to so many dogs lives."

about us meet Kennel Owner: Gillian
Kennel Apprentice: Harriet

Harriet joined the MPK team in October 2016 undertaking level 2 animal care and grooming through Barnsley College.

Harriet has a long standing passion for animals and helps take care of the livestock on her dads farm, her own horse and her beloved British Bulldog. Harriet joins the team to learn both through college and in a work environment what caring for dogs and farm animals can involve as well as learning to be a qualified groomer through her course at college and through working with Charlotte, our MPK resident groomer. Harriet also enjoyed working with the public and says " the role at Mount Pleasant allows me to use my skills and gain additional learning into how to provide exceptional standards of animal care and as a passionate animal lover, this is kind of the perfect job!!"

about us meet Kennel Owner: Gillian
Kennel Hand: Michelle

Michelle brings her experience of working with dogs for many years and prior to MPK, Michelle worked in boarding kennels.

Michelle has a huge heart and is highly skilled at caring for our dogs and enjoys playing a part in providing a good quality of life to all the dogs who come here. Michelle says "Working at a stray kennels is unlike any other kennel environment and often stray kennels can have bad reputations. In our team here at MPK, we genuinely care about the dogs quality of life and the standard of welfare we provide whether they're with us for an hour, a day or a month! It can be hard when a dog doesn't have an owner come forward but we work hard to make sure they are well looked after here until we can find them the right family to live with. It makes me feel proud to be part of making such a positive difference to these dogs. We've literally saved thousands of lives. And now we have our new grooming salon our pooches can be even more pampered!!"

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